Best Aircraft Cleaning Products for Your Pilot Supplies

Whether you’re a new pilot just starting out your life of aviation, or whether you’re an experienced Top Gun, you should know that aircraft maintenance largely involves keeping your plane clean. In fact, the condition of your aircraft is often considereda reflection of yourself – so it’s important to always keep it maintained and in working order.

Fortunately, there are plenty of aircraft cleaning products out there, but which are essential for your standard pilot supplies?

Here are the best aircraft cleaning products for your pilot supplies.

Anti-Static Wipes

Whilst static electricity is normally not considered dangerous, it’s primarily because it happens at such a small level that it only gives out a small jolt.

However, when flying a plane, it’s important to consider outside factors – such as lightning. If lightning has struck your aircraft, the electricity in that part of the plane will not be able to discharge during flight, meaning when you finally touch the ground, there could be a large amount of sparks as the static requires an earth connection.

To avoid this, you can buy relatively cheap anti-static wipes, which are normally coated in a conducting polymer and deionized water, that when applied to the outside of the plane can prevent static build up from even happening.

Dependent on the features of your aircraft, anti-static wipes can be an essential!No passenger feels safe when sparks start flying! Click here !

Soap and Sponge

While your aircraft will get dirty over time, the simple fact is that most passengers and other aviation aficionados will expect your aircraft to be clean at all times. It’s unfair, and tedious but it’s true. While most people think that dirt is cleaned out during flight, it just isn’t, and normally it will build up in the cracks and crevices of your vehicle leading to more long term issues.

The solution to this, is hard work with a bucket of water and a sponge. Most kinds of cleaning agents will work on an aircraft, and make this tedious job much easier for you.

Make sure you avoid taking shortcuts and using a pressure washer on your aircraft. Rather than clean it, what they’ll most likely do is force dirt elsewhere into seals and cracks which can damage your aircraft elsewhere in the long run.

Be sure just to bite the bullet and do it the old fashioned way.

Industrial Solvent

It’s important to remember that while cleaning is most thought of as being done to the exterior of the aircraft, as the pilot of your aircraft you’ll know different. In fact, often when you act as aircraft technician, you’ll seldom have tools, and instead you’ll be cleaning those parts you can’t see.

Scum, grease, carbon, and soot can build up in areas such as the engines, reversers or actuators. Allowing this build up to exist over time, can actively cause your aircraft to perform more poorly, and if left completely untamed, eventually it could cause a complete failure.

This is where our industrial solvent comes in – most solvents will clear up any problems on the inside of your aircraft with relative ease. Just base your judgement on price and effectiveness, as you will be using a lot of it and cleaning your aircraft often.

Ultimately taking care of your aircraft will keep it in perfect working order, avoid an aircraft on ground service more often, and give your passengers peace of mind knowing that they’re in the hands of a pilot who respects their own aircraft enough to take care of it.

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