How to keep Your Aircraft Clean

Owning an Airplane is not just an experience, rather it is a means to an end.  Aircraft Cleaning can be one of the most tasking jobs for an Aircraft owner, yet satisfying and a relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Dirt on an Aircraft don’t just wash away on its own, rather the job is specially done by technicians who are skilled in the act of washing an aircraft. This is important because, a dirty aircraft leads to corrosion.

Aircraft Cleaning Preparation.

When moving an Aircraft for washing, use the tow bar that is attached to the lower bracket of the front wheel.

Before you begin washing, spray the leading edge and nose/props with a bug remover. This will soften the insect residue on the Plane, which can then be hosed-off. Degreasers are also a must. You can just spray-on a degreaser and just hose-off the residue. The most grueling part of removing grease is gaining access. Most of the accumulation is under the belly.

Aircraft Washing Process

The use of stiff bristled brushes is not necessary for use in aircraft washing. Use of a hose with usually low pressure or a spray nozzle is recommended during washing, using a stream of high pressure water can force the water, contaminants and detergents into joints and cavities, and this can lead to corrosion and other damage in unwanted areas. Click here.

For the cleaning of plastic surfaces and acrylic windows, it is necessary that the surface be initially rinsed with water in order to remove any salt deposits or any other water-soluble soil before the cleaning commences to avoid creating unwanted scratches.

Aircraft cleaning products

Aircraft cleaning Products includes, Hard Surface Cleaners, Hygiene Products, Toilet Chemicals, Insecticides – Non Flammable, Carpet Shampoos, Screen cleaners, Wipes, Gum removers, Air Fragrances etc.

The best product to use to scrub plexiglas windows is about as heatedly a debated subject among pilots as is lean of peak operations.
The bottom of craft gets significantly dirty with stuff that’s demanding to wash. Oil and exhaust are the prime culprits and each needs something special. To wash off the belly oil, or BO as it is termed round the airport, it’s assumed that hand cleaners works best.

Now that your bird is sweet and clean, you want to shine. within the old days it’d be time to get out the cheesecloth and Carnuba paste wax and rub, rub, rub. These days there are better product that provides a high shine with plenty less effort; a high shine with a lot less effort.

Incorrect Cleanup may harm your aircraft

Incorrect washing and cleanup procedures and also the use of incorrect  merchandise  not  appropriate  for  aluminum  aircraft  structure  can  cause  harm  to the aircraft and further contribute to issues of corrosion instead of being a technique of corrosion management.

Washing aircraft to get rid of contaminants like dirt, salt, and exhaust gas residue is vital and good practice.  However, excessive cleanup or the use of unapproved aircraft cleaning products will ‘wash out’ lubricants and contribute to additional failures, notably for those parts with moving elements that are exposed directly to the washing method.

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