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The fact that, bacteria load and dirt level would increase as the number of people occupying a space or sharing the same facility increases is quite unarguable. Also, frequent use of a public utility would either lead to a total break down of the facility or an under-maintenance, which, of course, would make such a facility an eyesore. In addition, airlines large number of travellers, are not left out of this picture. Although, rapid cleaning service is offered to keep the air craft in shape between flights.

Ever had a deep feeling that your airplane seat has not been cleaned for a while? or was not cleaned properly?. Well, you might be right. This is because, proper cleaning of an aircraft is largely dependent on the amount of time an aircraft rests at the airport between flights.

However, due to the competitive nature of the airline business, most airlines tend to join the the trend of stretching their aircrafts and man-power, to ensure a 24-hour service is delivered, without replacement aircrafts.

It should, therefore, be of no surprise to find the aircraft and its interior not properly taken care of.

Therefore, in most domestic airplanes, the seats are only wiped with an

antibacterial solution, in a manner which might not ensure a total eradication of the germs left by previous passengers.

Now, if you are highly convinced that your airplane seat is not clean, you could do the following:


1) Take a sufficient amount of sanitary wipes with you on every flight. Once you get to your seat, wipe the seat, arm rest and ash tray with your sanitary wipe.


2) You could also wipe the seat, arm rest and ash tray with methylated spirit.


3) Apart from wiping the obvious parts of the seat and arm rest, ensure that you also wipe the crevices.

However to reduce the level of microbes you are exposed to, it is advisable that you wipe toilet handles with lysol solution, whenever you are to open the toilet door in the airplane. Check here.


Aircraft cleaning products include:

Visial anti-bacterial wipes developed by ALGLAS in the United Kingdom, Lysol wipes, cotton swabs, glass cleaner, lavatory cleaners, plastic cleaner, hard surface cleaner, galley cleaning wipes, clearview plastic and glass cleaner, Aero-600 avionics cleaner (which eliminates dust, streaks and finger-prints on the glass cock-pit and wind shield).

However, an aircraft stands the chance of being properly cleaned if it remains in the airport over night. This sort of thorough cleaning conducted, is referred to as a ‘Remain over night’ cleaning, otherwise referred to as ‘RON.’ It would therefore be uncommon, to find dirty seats on an aircraft that has undergone a RON maintenance.

With all these information at your disposal, you can go on to enjoy a ‘clean’ and reduced exposure to microbial threat through out your flight

In the words of Jodi Rell “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security”. A very valid statement. More details in site: http://www.atecaviation.com/anti-static-wipe-solutions-for-your-aircraft-why-you-need-to-keep-the-aircraft-clean/


Top 5 Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Suppliers

Top 5 Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Suppliers

When it comes to aviation ground suppliers there are various things that people should have to look for before they can decide on whether they should employ the suppliers to do the work for them. You can consider looking for the type of handling experience that the aviation ground supplier has, the past faults and remedy he or she has been through and also the type of technology they use in carrying out the task whether it’s the old fashioned or the modern way. If there handling is up to the standard then these suppliers are able to achieve the mark of being named top aviation suppliers on ground services.read more information on Top companies that offer aircraft on ground services by visiting http://www.atecaviation.com/top-5-companies-that-offer-aircraft-on-ground-services/ .Many people do their travelling very day using planes while others send cargo goods, letters and parcels using this very means. So, there must be a lot of care which is involved as some are fragile, hence safety is key and also measures of items not getting lost must also be put in place. Below are top five aviation ground handling suppliers around the world. Read more