Top 5 Anti Static Wipe solutions for your Aircraft

Top 5 Anti Static Wipe solutions for your Aircraft

We all like a clean and elegant looking surface, especially if we are going to use it as an immediate source. For aircraft’s to be clean it is not only based to display their beauty, but also cleanliness of these immaculate sky machines enables them to function in the best way possible. Aircraft cleaning also, requires people with the necessary expertise so as to avoid bringing complications with the mechanical operations, hence personnel who have the required cleaning skills are required to carry out the task. Aircraft cleaning solutions are also mandatory during the cleaning procedure in order to give a sparkling and dazzling looking outcome. read more information on companies that offer aircraft on ground services by visiting is a top five list of anti-static wipe solutions for your aircraft, which are known to bring out the beauty of the plane once cleaning is done.

Visial TM

Visial TM is an anti-static wipe solution for any aircraft and it has been known to carry a variety of cleaning tasks. It comes in three types, the wet/dry antistatic instrument wipes, VDU cleaner, and aircraft cleaner. This product has been used for nearly two decades and has been proven to be an adequate solution in aircraft cleaning measures by different experts around the world. More information can be found at the site:

Top 5 Anti Static Wipe solutions for your Aircraft

Optico antistatic cleaning wipes.

The optico anti-static cleaning wipes are known and made for the instant cleaning of electrostatic flight deck by removing both dust and dirt during the process of aircraft cleaning. This aircraft cleaning solution is considered a good one since not a lot of effort is required yet the cleaning workload is accomplished within a short period of time.

KIMTECH aviation wipes.

KIMTECH aviation wipes are for small aviation cleaning solutions which mostly involves interior cleaning of the aircraft. For example, wiping dust from doors, windows, chairs and other interior facilities. KIMTECH by itself is a company which belongs to an individual and stands for Kimberly-Clark Technologies.


Avionics is a brand of an aircraft anti-static wipe solutions which majorly accommodates aircraft cleaning to a sparkling, admirable and immaculate look. Avionics wipe solutions are mainly used to wipe the dust from aircraft windows making them shinny and very clean for passengers to be able to see clearly outside.

eOx Aircraft lean by RPM Technologies.

This is known as the money saving antistatic wipe solution due to the fact that it is slightly cheaper as compared to other aircraft cleaning solutions, yet it provides a very unique both effective and efficient cleaning remedy by removing greasy and hard to remove dust. It may be a cheap wipe solution, but the wonder it brings to the table is mind more information on eOX cleaning by clicking here

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