Top 5 companies that offer aircraft on ground services

Top 5 companies that offer aircraft on ground services

Aircrafts cannot be able to operate by themselves when on the ground they require services which are offered by ground operators either at the airport or specially designated areas where flights can land. Handler’s of on ground services are expected to be people with experience, the necessary expertise and mostly should have the efficient and effective technology to carry out the duty. read more information on Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Suppliers by clicking here. This is usually a very expensive task for individual contractors to carry on; hence, this kind of job is usually operated by companies which have dedicated their obligation in servicing. Below is a top five list of companies that offer aircraft on ground services.

Swiss port International Ltd.

Swiss port International LtdThis company has been in operation for nearly thirty years, it is known for its dedication in the handling of aircraft on ground services. They mostly deal in bulky good that are fragile and require special attention, this guarantees their customers of unexploited prevention of damaging of any goods. They have a workforce of 55,000 people who equally stand firm with the company’s interest and devotion to more information on Aircraft Tool and Maintenance by visiting

Aircraft service International Group. (ASIG)

Aircraft service International Group. (ASIG)ASIG is one of the largest aircraft on ground service providing companies in the world. It nearly accommodates each and every task around the airport with perfect success to its duties. Some of the roles that the company is known to carry include, passenger deicing equipment maintenance, into-plane fueling among other significant and hard to carry tasks.

Etihad Airport services.

Etihad Airport servicesThey mostly deal with flights from Arab peninsular giving them a welcoming accommodation and service while at the airport. They also own the Etihad Airways which are known to fly globally, maybe this is the reason why the Etihad flights are doing so well in accommodating their passengers and giving them ample time to reach their destinations. Their on grounds services are up to the required standard and are available in almost every country around the world where the Etihad Airways fly’s to.

JetStream Ground services.

JetStream Ground servicesIt may not be taking part in a lot of major on ground services like the ASIG, but their services are professional. The only reason JetStream ground services cannot be compared to other big companies in the field is because they have not been in operation for a long period of time and they deal in small aircrafts which carry cargo parcels and letters.

Baltic Ground services.

Baltic Ground servicesLike the ASIG, Baltic Ground service is also well equipped with the airport on ground services which include ground handling and into- plane fueling services. The company is internationally known for their services as they are located almost in every airport around the world. The ensure that goods are properly handles as they prepare for shipment, passengers are comfortable as they wait to board their plane and finally service the plane to the required standard to ensure it can safely reach the destined destination.

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